Glycemic index and the effective slimming

For a quite long time, glycemic index (GI) has been used not only in diabetic disorders, but also in fighting obesity. Using this knowledge to help lose extra weight has therefore become quite popular. The matter of glycemic index is indeed closely linked to controlling blood sugar and insulin, thus shaping the body.

Lean Bar - a special task bar!

All of us must have heard about sports bars. Most of us probably even tried a few. The question remains, though, is it just a snack? Or maybe more than just that, like a bit more variety in one's diet, or maybe even a substitute for a meal? A workout snack, maybe? What should a good sports bar be like, then? Let me address this issue briefly today.

In what sports are pre-training stacks and nitric oxide boosters used?

The increased influx of nutrient – rich blood into the blood vessels results in what those who spend long hours training in strength training like the most: tight and enlarged muscles that line the skin beautifully and are living proof of solid work. Those who give their best know what’s going on. This cannot be bought in a package – it has to be worked out. Thanks to well – constructed training plans and the right preparations, the figure (literally!) grows in the eyes, as does the effectiveness of the session. Today we will consider who the pre – workout stacks and nitric oxide boosters are suitable for.

The basics

Pre – traning stacks and nitric oxide boosters activate us to fight. They work as the best motivation in the world to constantly raise the bar, because they increase the effects and course of training. The so – called „muscle pump”, that is your muscles enhanced by intensive blood supply and hydration, looks best during and up to several dozen minutes after the session. Stacks affect exercise capacity, and nitric oxide boosters support the course of nitric oxide synthesis, supporting proper nutrition and regeneration of muscles strained by training. Taken in tandem, these preparations also help reduce fatigue and prolong exercise.


Who will benefit best?

Bodybuilding is an obvious field of using the mentioned stacks and boosters. All those who love strength sports know perfectly well, firstly, the satisfaction that comes from clearly emphasized muscles, secondly, the associated increase in motivation to achieve better results, and thirdly, the effect of better performance and general condition. For those for whom sculpture and strength are an end in themselves, pre – workout stacks and nitric oxide boosters, such as L – arginine or L – citrulline supplements, are part of the regular sports supplementation.

Another group of sports enthusiasts who will appreciate the benefits of using these agents are those who practice martial arts. If your goal is to increase endurance, and thus, the possibility of extending training or increasing intensity, preparations from this group will perfectly fulfill their role. However, since the „muscle pump” effect is probably not on your way during training – especially when you care about speed and agility of movements – you can consider taking boosters after training, so as not to pump muscles for the session itself, but to accelerate its regeneration before the next and improve the results.

Those who love cardio also care about long and effective work of muscles. If you love to speed up the pace mercilessly and constantly aim to improve your personal best, stimulating stacks of caffeine, guarana or taurine will be just right. Endurance, as the name suggests, appreciates those supplements that allow you to move longer and faster. So when you improve your circulation, you jump into second gear, whether you’re running, swimming, climbing, pedaling or cross – country skiing. Products with beta – alanine and L – citrulline will help you reduce fatigue and protect muscles from damage.

Many pre – workouts contain ingredients that accelerate lipolysis, i.e. the breakdown of fats. Such „fat burners”, especially based on substances that boost metabolism and add energy, will be useful to anyone who trains with the main goal of reducing weight. They will help you get to unwanted „reserves” (increased training intensity) and turn them to the energy (lipolysis).


Pre – training stacks and nitric oxide boosters have much wider audience then you might think, because the spectrum of their action is wide, and their dosage allows for some flexibility depending on the adopted training goal.

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