Glycemic index and the effective slimming

For a quite long time, glycemic index (GI) has been used not only in diabetic disorders, but also in fighting obesity. Using this knowledge to help lose extra weight has therefore become quite popular. The matter of glycemic index is indeed closely linked to controlling blood sugar and insulin, thus shaping the body.

Lean Bar - a special task bar!

All of us must have heard about sports bars. Most of us probably even tried a few. The question remains, though, is it just a snack? Or maybe more than just that, like a bit more variety in one's diet, or maybe even a substitute for a meal? A workout snack, maybe? What should a good sports bar be like, then? Let me address this issue briefly today.

How much protein should you eat per day?

Protein is the building block of each of our cells and makes up about 20% of our total mass. When we think about diet in the context of building fitness and increased physical activity, we automatically lean towards meals rich in protein. And rightly so! When we train, the proteins in our muscles get damaged and we need proteins to rebuild (and expand) them. Basic question: how much? Most common answer: it depends.

Normal demand

According to the World Health Organization, a sufficient daily dose of protein for an adult is 0.83 grams per kilogram of body weight. In turn, the Polish Food and Nutrition Institute gives a value of 0.9 grams. The amount similar to the above covers the daily requirements of those whose physical activity is limited to everyday tasks related to functioning at work and at home.

If you do not make any effort to improve form and shape, and you do not turn up your metabolism with even a little training, this dose is probably enough for you. Get the right amount of protein with your regular meals, where 10 to 35% of your calories should be animal or vegetable protein. Eggs, lean meat, cheese or fish will work great. In the plant-based diet, quinoa and soybeans are in the lead.

For those who want to be sure that they will not run out of protein in their diet, and at the same time suffer from eternal shortage, a good solution is to invest in a protein supplement. A shake with an admixture of the preparation, which contains a complete set of the most important amino acids, will perfectly complement our, often random diet. Important note: no dietary supplement can replace healthy eating every day! It is only a clever supplement when we realize that we do not control a full, balanced menu on a daily basis.


Increased demand

The demand for protein increases with the increased involvement in the figure and form. If you start moving regularly, you burn more than the average bread eater. You need to increase the amount of calories you consume, as well as the amount of protein you eat. If you are running, pedaling or swimming heavily, you need about 1.2 - 1.4 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. Thanks to the proteins you take in, you will feel a gradual increase in efficiency and speed.

To provide yourself with the right amount of protein, it is worth relying on specialized supplements. A heavy stomach is not conducive to training, and when exercise becomes more and more important to you, you need to replenish your supplies. Our body cannot store proteins "for later". When we provide ourselves with a solid injection of carbohydrates, any excess that is not used for activity will be converted into adipose tissue. The body will reach for these supplies when it is needed. In the case of protein deficiencies, our own muscles are a reserve, and we certainly do not care about such use of muscle mass!

Let's move on to strength sports. If you focus on sculpting in your training and you dream of developing beautiful muscles, your protein requirement is even higher. It is assumed that the minimum daily dose in this case is 1.6 to even 3 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. It's quite simple: Your muscles are water and protein. So you need both much more than everyone else. Water is needed, among other things, to cleanse the kidneys, which are quite loaded with a protein-rich diet. Protein supplements based on high-quality raw materials are the easiest way to ensure an increased amount of protein in your diet. No wonder it's one of the most popular supplements being taken by sculptors around the world.



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