Glycemic index and the effective slimming

For a quite long time, glycemic index (GI) has been used not only in diabetic disorders, but also in fighting obesity. Using this knowledge to help lose extra weight has therefore become quite popular. The matter of glycemic index is indeed closely linked to controlling blood sugar and insulin, thus shaping the body.

Lean Bar - a special task bar!

All of us must have heard about sports bars. Most of us probably even tried a few. The question remains, though, is it just a snack? Or maybe more than just that, like a bit more variety in one's diet, or maybe even a substitute for a meal? A workout snack, maybe? What should a good sports bar be like, then? Let me address this issue briefly today.

How long should DAA be used?

A few words about DAA

D-aspartic acid (DAA) i san endogenus non-protein amino acid. It arises in physiological reactions that take place in the pituitary gland, hypothalamus and testes.


Interestingly, the possible influence of DAA on increasing libido is also indicated. DAA in the form of a salt of aspartic acid is a strong  stimulator of the processes of sexual activity, influencing, among others, the production of sperm in men. The effects of its action in the sexual sphere include:  

  • Increasing libido;
  • Increasing testosterone levels;
  • Improvement of erection;
  • Prolongation of orgasm (1).

D – aspartic acid controls the production of sex hormones, and thanks to the involvement in the production and release of testosterone, this acid promotes faster development of muscle mass. For this  reason, it is often found as one of the ingredients of supplements for athletes and physically active men (especially those practicing strength, speed and endurance sports).


Scientifically proven effectiveness

One study carried out on a group of 23 men assessed the effects of taking supplements containing D – aspartic acid for a period of 12 days. It found that 20 out of 23 men taking D – aspartic acid had an average of 42% higher testosterone levels at the end of the study. Interestingly, three days after stopping taking the suplement, their testosterone levels were still higher on average by 22% then at the beginning of the study (2).

In turn another study conducted in 2012 assessed the effects of taking supplements containing D – aspartic acid for more then a month. The researchers found here that men (27-43 years old) who took the supplements for 90 days experienced a 30 – 60% increase in testosterone (3).


Use of DAA

Janusz Ziółkowski (BodyBuilding Magazine Polska) recommends taking DAA as an anabolic testosterone booster – on training days in a dose initially about 2.5g (max. up to 4g) before training, and on days without training, initially about 2.5g (max. up to 4g) in the morning.

The cycle on the anabolic testosterone DAA booster should be in the range of 4 – 12 weeks. After its completion, there should be a break of several weeks, depending on how long  our cycle lasted (4).



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