Glycemic index and the effective slimming

For a quite long time, glycemic index (GI) has been used not only in diabetic disorders, but also in fighting obesity. Using this knowledge to help lose extra weight has therefore become quite popular. The matter of glycemic index is indeed closely linked to controlling blood sugar and insulin, thus shaping the body.

Lean Bar - a special task bar!

All of us must have heard about sports bars. Most of us probably even tried a few. The question remains, though, is it just a snack? Or maybe more than just that, like a bit more variety in one's diet, or maybe even a substitute for a meal? A workout snack, maybe? What should a good sports bar be like, then? Let me address this issue briefly today.

Do protein and carbohydrate supplements help increase body weight?

Carbohydrate and protein supplements have been available on the sports supplements market for many years. Despite their continued popularity, there are still skeptics who wonder about the effectiveness of these supplements, and some people, fearing carbohydrates, abandon this type of products in favor of protein supplements. Is it right?


Composition and action

Supplements contain carbohydrates and proteins in various proportions, with carbohydrates usually accounting for about 80% of the product. Some supplements also contain a set of vitamins, minerals and creatine. Tha high content of „carbs” provides an Energy boost during increased physical activity, increasing the length and intensity of training. Nutrients otherwise known as „gainers”, helps to increase the effectiveness of training and reduce body fatigue. Their primary tast i salso to accelerate the development of muscle mass.


The best effects of using gainers can be seen by people with weak body structure, i.e. ectomorphic body type (accelerated metabolism, low body weight). People with an endomorphic body type shoul pay special attention to the doses taken, as unused carbohydrates cant turn into fat. Regular use of carbohydrates and proteins supplements increases muscle mass and accelerates the regeneration porcesses of the body thanks to the optimal amounts of proteins, which are the main building blocks of muscles. However, it must be remembered that you will not gain muscles from just taking gainers. Ahead of you is hard and conscientious work during training!

Appropriate doses

When determining the appropriate dose of nutrients consumed, it is woth starting with an  analysis of the lifestyle, Energy requirements and caloric content of the meals consumed. If you train regularly several Times a week, and your worki s based on physical exertion, your Energy requirements will be much greater then the sedentary person. Choosing the optimal amount of gainer is very important, because too large doses can contribute to the increase in adipose tissue , and this is not the effect we are talking about! Too small dose will also not achieve the expected results, as it will not be able to meet the body’s Energy needs.

Summarizing: carbohydrate – protein supplements work, but taken wisely and not as a training substitute, but as his best friend.




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