Glycemic index and the effective slimming

For a quite long time, glycemic index (GI) has been used not only in diabetic disorders, but also in fighting obesity. Using this knowledge to help lose extra weight has therefore become quite popular. The matter of glycemic index is indeed closely linked to controlling blood sugar and insulin, thus shaping the body.

Lean Bar - a special task bar!

All of us must have heard about sports bars. Most of us probably even tried a few. The question remains, though, is it just a snack? Or maybe more than just that, like a bit more variety in one's diet, or maybe even a substitute for a meal? A workout snack, maybe? What should a good sports bar be like, then? Let me address this issue briefly today.

Creatine and protein - your allies in the struggle for the right body shape!

Regardless of whether you are just about to start your physical training regimen, or have already been training for a long time, and happen to be an active athlete - protein and creatine should be your allies of choice.

Please note that an adequately selected supplementation will support your efforts. Priority goes here to protein supplements. Basically, those are divided into the slow-absorbing and the fast-absorbing ones. The difference between them is that the former slowly and gradually release the amino acids into the bloodstream, whereas the latter (as the name itself suggests) are absorbed very quickly. Those are to be used  immediately after the training to nourish the muscles.

The slow-absorbing proteins:

Whey protein concentrate (WPC) - protein of animal origin, obtained from whey, a by-product of the cheese production process. It makes an excellent dietary supplement, as it improves muscle protein synthesis and contributes to lean muscle mass growth.

Soy protein isolate - an alternative to dairy products. Effectively promotes the reduction of cholesterol and triglycerides in the bloodstream. Soy protein is deemed the best form of vegetable protein.

Milk proteins Isolate - consists of all amino acids required for proper muscle development. Best applied immediately after the training regimen.

Micellar casein - the purest form of casein protein. Contains small amounts of lactose. Usually consumed before bedtime.

Calcium caseinate - exerts a positive effect on the muscle mass. Thanks to the long digestive process, the body is supplied with the amino acids essential for muscle development for many hours. 

Ovalbumin - also known as chicken egg white. It is a high-quality protein containing high amounts of methionine, lysine, isoleucine and threonine (i.e. exogenous amino acids).


The fast-absorbing proteins:

Whey protein hydrolysate (WPH) - effectively supports cell regeneration and repair processes. Contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass. Rich in amino acids, including leucine and isoleucine.

Whey protein isolate (WPI) - one of the best proteins. Quickly absorbed, contains a small amount of carbohydrates and a trace amount of fat, effectively providing the body with a solid portion of protein. Perfect for being applied immediately after the training regimen. It is notable for its very high BCAA amino acids, cysteine, and glutamine content.

As far as creatine is concerned, it is a bit like a pump in which the energy required for protein synthesis in the muscle tissue is stored and released. Creatine is most often used to improve training performance and increase the muscle mass in any physically active individuals. It provides additional ATP energy, thus boosting overall efficiency of high-intensity training regimen. Consequently, regardless of your current fitness level, your physical performance is bound to improve appreciably!

Interestingly, creatine supplementation may also improve memory, thanks to additional energy supplied to the brain!

When to start creatine supplementation, then?

In the opinion of Paweł Szewczyk, a dietician specializing in sports nutrition, "it is commonly believed that creatine should be used when you want to boost muscle anabolism and develop the muscles and muscle strength. When taking a broader look at this issue, though, we might say that creatine supplementation could well be recommended to everyone, i.e. from a bodybuilder during the period of muscle mass development, through an individual going through the process of fat reduction, to a chess player! After all, its influence is acknowledged as multidirectional, and its potential application is very broad indeed, covering almost everyone [1]."

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